DELAVONER GROUP, a Spanish commodities brokerage company for commodities such as sugar, soya, corn, vegetable oils, pork, beef, chicken feet, claws and half wings, etc.

It was created more than 10 years ago and with a very slow and costly start and after checking the need for companies in the Commodities import / export niche to supply wholesale / retail companies worldwide.

Through years of information and work we have developed a national and international network of professional sellers/buyers who are committed to our cause.


After the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to close our physical offices in Madrid and Valencia (Spain) and since then we work ONLINE. Our offices are everywhere, so that our clients can be served in different countries and different time zones.


Our experience with various national and international trade issues, together with the extensive amount of suppliers and buyers make it possible for us to provide high quality products in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times and remain aligned with our customers' requirements.

We also negotiate the conditions up to the signing of the purchase/sale contract. Afterwards the final arrangements are made between the seller and the buyer.

From DELAVONER GROUP, we work to find the largest number of producers to meet the demand of a particular sector.

We expand the marketing and sales campaign that allows the products and services offered by the suppliers to be known and more visible, which will generate an increase in sales by being able to reach a larger audience.

We generate the growth of financial instruments in the market, as they often generate sales with LC / DLC / SBLC, etc.


At DELAVONER GROUP, we know that our business activity goes from the supplier to the end buyer.

We are constantly working to improve our business practices. But we recognize that this is not enough. We seek not to harm our planet, but rather to improve it.

At DELAVONER GROUP, we promote the sale of natural products on national and international markets.

We offer our customers the most demanding delivery times. Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction with a service that exceeds initial expectations.

We work to supply the markets with the best quality national and international products at competitive prices while respecting the environment.

DELAVONER GROUP, is known for demanding the best quality of its products, the best treatment to buyers and sellers with the best price / quality of the market and with an excellent service for the satisfaction of our customers.

Working ethically and transparently is synonymous with the guarantee of fair mutual benefit for the parties involved.